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"I always knew I had books inside of me; I am so glad to get them out!"   VW

Messy Mia

​ISBN 9780359648283

Read the story of Messy Mia, inspired by life lessons from Vernell's  young daughters when they were growing up.  Mia is a young school age child who struggles with keeping her little clothes, toys and shoes organized.   Lisa, Mia's sister, just one year older is the total opposite.  Read this fun story of how one small disaster in a young child's life makes a difference and creates a life lesson.

Leaving The Nest

ISBN 9780359607723

Leaving The Nest speaks to the mom's out there who work hard at making life easy for their families, while often neglecting themselves. The message within the story encourages mother's to take care of themselves first. It also encourages parents to avoid handicapping their young by helping more than necessary.

Moments In Time


Moments In Time is a collection of stories that are based on true events.

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