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I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY where I enjoyed  growing up in a brownstone in Bedford Stuyvesant.  I received a Bachelor's degree in Rhetoric and Literature from Binghamton University (SUNY), and a Master's degree in Education from George Mason University.  My hobbies include writing, painting, and sewing.


As a young child, I enjoyed reading and going to the library with my twin brother and younger sister.  My favorite genre were and still are biographies, autobiographies, urban fiction, and short stories.   My brother and sister and I went to the library often.  I remember  a time when  we found a fence blocking the street that led to our local library.    We were not phased by the 8 foot fence; we simply climbed over it and marched right into the library!

My favorite authors are Flannery O'Conner and Capote.  I recently completed an Anthology of short stories called Moments In Time, which reflect much of my childhood.  I also completed  two children's books called Leaving The Nest and Messy Mia.  

Messy Mia was inspired by my daughters when they were growing up.  Leaving The Nest  inspires children to show gratitude towards their parents, especially mom.  I am currently working on a 3rd children's story called, Nosey, Nervous Nelly.  It will definitely make you laugh.   I have plans to write more books to inspire and encourage children of all ages. 

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